“Following the News: Patterns of Online and Offline News Consumption” – PROJECT COMPLETED!

I’m very happy to announce that since today, all four articles that came out of my dissertation project are either published or accepted for publication. This means that I can finally close this research project. I enjoyed very much investigating how people use different news outlets in today’s media environment, but now it’s time for new challenging projects (which, in fact, I have already started with quite some time ago).
A PhD project is not finished on the day your PhD contract ends: Publication takes time, and the old project keeps chasing you: You have to wait, wait, revise the manuscript, wait, wait … You get the picture. So, while the project basically ended with me handing in my dissertation on 5 December 2012 (or maybe with my public defense on 4 June 2013), it still was not really finished. Now it is.

This is what came out of it:

Trilling D., & Schoenbach, K. (accepted for publication). Challenging selective exposure: Do online news users choose sites that match their interests and preferences? Digital Journalism.

Trilling, D., & Schoenbach, K. (accepted for publication). Investigating people’s news diets: How online news users use offline news. Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research.

Trilling, D., & Schoenbach, K. (2013). Patterns of news consumption in Austria: How fragmented are they? International Journal of Communication, 7, 929-953.

Trilling, D., & Schoenbach, K. (2013). Skipping current affairs: The non-users of online and offline news. European Journal of Communication, 28(1). 35-51. doi:10.1177/0267323112453671

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