Talks, media, discussions

Within academia, it’s important to publish one’s research results in scientific journals to share one’s insight. But I also think that as academics, we have the responsibility to share our knowledge in other ways as well. The last weeks were particularly busy in this respect.

  • Quest Psychologie, a popular scientific journal, interviewed me for an article on news avoidance.
  • I gave a lecture and some hands-on demonstrations about news sharing on social media during the Weekend van de Wetenschap, the National Science Weekend in the Netherlands. Its aim is to invite a lay audience to visit our labs and talk with us about our work.
  • I met a lot of interesting people (journalists, policy makers, researchers) during a brainstorm session on the future of journalism. I was invited by the Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek, the Dutch Press Funds to join the discussion.
  • The Utrecht Data School asked me to give a workshop on using Python for data analysis in the social sciences, which I happily did.

Always good to see that other’s are interested in your work. And talking about work – now I’m going to work on another academic paper for a journal.


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