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Student-assistant wantend

You’re a UvA student and want to work with some interesting people (one of them being me)? Apply.

For a project on automated content-analysis, we are looking for a student-assistent for a fixed number of hours to be agreed on and depending on the available funding (probably somewhere between 100 to 150 in total). The pay is 10 euro per hour.

To date, the researchers in the project use a set of self-written Python scripts to access a MongoDB on a remote server and run analyses, either on the remote server or on their personal laptop (Natural Language Processing and similar applications). These scripts are now executed by supplying command-line arguments. The student’s task is to develop a (simple) web interface to these scripts; specifications to be agreed on. Depending on time available and the student’s skills, further improvement of the existing scripts could be another task assigned.

The ideal candidate
– is enrolled at the UvA (faculty does not matter)
– is not and has not been employed by the University of Amsterdam (any Faculty!) in the current calendar year
– has proven relevant programming skills
– can work independently without step-by-step instructions
– is willing to provide own ideas and input.

Kennis van de Nederlandse taal is een pre.

The project is situated at the Department of Communication Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FMG).
To express your interest, please send an email to dr. Damian Trilling,

Weekend van de wetenschap

Tomorrow, I’ll give a talk (in Dutch) at the Weekend of Science, a nationwide event in which universities open their doors for a wide public. From their website:

Sanne Kruikemeier en Damian Trilling van de afdeling communicatiewetenschap geven tijdens het Weekend van de Wetenschap een korte demonstratie en lezing.

Damian geeft een inkijk in de wereld van sociale media en nieuws. Mensen lezen nieuws op allerlei plekken, bijvoorbeeld op Facebook en Twitter. Damian zal met behulp van Big Data laten zien hoe nieuws wordt verspreid onder mensen. Hij laat zien hoe mensen nieuws delen en waarom mensen bepaald nieuws doorsturen. Wat vinden we belangrijk en de moeite waard om door te sturen?

Sanne geeft een eye tracking demonstratie. Met behulp van de eye tracker kunnen we nauwkeurig kijkgedrag bestuderen. Hoe worden kranten en tijdschriften bekeken? Wat valt op? Worden kranten en website op verschillende manieren bekeken? Sanne laat zien wat we allemaal kunnen leren van ons kijkgedrag.