Talk and short workshop at Coding Culture, Utrecht

Yesterday, I had the honor to give an invited talk at Coding Culture in Utrecht. Coding Culture is an initiative by graduate students from Utrecht University with a background in New Media and Digital Culture. They set up a group consisting of 15 graduate students who are eager to advance their skills by teaching themselves how to write computer programs. As people who know me will confirm, I really think this a skill that all social science students [and from related disciplines in the humanities, for that matter] should have, because it greatly advances our possibilities to understand the world – so I basically just had to accept the invitation to speak at their kickoff meeting. And it was great fun! I gave an introductory talk with some examples (slides here), and after that, we were playing around with the code.

Also I learned a bunch of things: About typical problems people unfamiliar with programs have, about the differences between academic disciplines, and about the pitfalls of certain not-to-be-named operating systems. Oh, and the English word for proefkonijn (guinea pig).

I promised the people from Utrecht to drop by again in some time to see what they made out of it. So keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to it!

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